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Discover Manuel Antonio with Us...

mangrove boat tours - $65 p/person / 3 hours

This tour takes you in a private small boat through the coastal mangroves. Here you can see crabs, snakes, monkeys, birds, sometimes crocodiles and other wildlife.

After the boat ride your guide will take you to a local restaurant for a nice lunch. This tour leaves with the tide so the time varies. 

Damas Island kayaking - $69 p/person   / 4 hours

Quietly explore the protected estuaries of Damas Island. Easily paddle the lush mangroves to watch the abundant wildlife which includes many shy birds, mammals and reptiles that live in this tropical habitat known as the mangrove.

In the mangrove, everything flows harmoniously; the blend of fresh and salt water, the diversity of the most extraordinary plants and the wildlife in all of its splendor. This tour will show you nature's unparalleled wonders, just 10 minutes from Manuel Antonio. The canals lead you on a ride through nature and time... let the current carry your kayak through this miraculous experience!

paddle board Damas Island - $70 P/PERSON / 3 HOURS

See one of Costa Rica's most Eco-Diverse areas all while navigating the tight quarters of the mangroves on our Eco-Friendly Paddle Boards.  Nature and wildlife is in abundance on this tour. 

We will be on the lookout for Monkeys, Birds, Marine Wildlife, and Reptiles.  You will also learn about the mangrove tree species and why the Eco-System is so import to Costa Rica.  This tour is great for all ages and levels, it is very easy to paddle the Mangroves as the water is very calm.

mangrove activities in Manuel Antonio!